Project Management

Key Account Managers

APS assigns a dedicated Account Manager to each customer. These are responsible for liasing with customer sourcing teams and play an active role within the estimating and quotation stages. As such, we are able to develop a clear understanding of presswork development and manufacturing requirements before any new contracts are awarded.

Component Feasibility & Material Utilisation

Product Designers can often misunderstand presswork processes. At APS, our Engineers have extensive metal forming experience and can advise and assist clients in component design. We also use Fast-Blank Software to identify the most economical blank layout.

Dedicated Team

Our team is well aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves on our flexibility. If needed, we will stagger and extend production shifts in order to meet demanding deadlines.

Project Management

Every new product is project managed by a team led by a Key Account Manager who reports and liaises internally within our business and with customers.

Tooling engineering, quality engineering, purchase and production are all represented in the project teams. Overseen by the Key Account Manager, each of these takes responsibility for their part of the project.

Development of Tooling & Manufacturing Process

Our single biggest strength is our ability to plan and design for efficient and capable manufacturing process and offer professional presswork development support. This approach combined with a client list that includes companies such as BWI Lear, GKN, Dura, Mitsui and Makita has allowed us to become recognised and respected on the international stage.

Further Information

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